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Our Art Lights

I've always found lighting fixtures to be an interesting option when designing. Sometimes, you want them to just blend in and disappear, not taking away from what's in the space but lighting it perfectly. Other times, light fixtures can be a subtle statement, where the form and function are neatly balanced and it neither disappears nor upstages the other focal points in the room.

Art lights are a perfect example of this. At the prior homes we lived in, we didn't choose to use wall fixtures for lighting art. It was always an "eye-light" that you would aim from the ceiling.

But for our new home, I wanted some added warmth while highlighting our special pieces of art. These beauties from Visual Comfort are perfect in form and function.

They are rooted in tradition but have clean lines and are available in multiple finishes. I chose the living brass finish that will age over time for additional character.

We also utilized both 18" single and 30" double arm size options depending on the space.


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