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Hanging Your Guitar

In our home there really aren't many rooms you can go into where you won't find a guitar. Joe always says that he's lucky that I love them as much as he does. There's something about them that has always been magnetic to me. Just the way they look, knowing what they can do (in the right hands), the craftsmanship...It's a perfect partnership of wood and metal and sound.

That said, each of these works or art, I believe, can be treated as just that. Whether if it's one or many hanging on your wall, they offer a relaxed vibe, unique focal point and can be kept safe and out of the way while lending effortless style to any space.

We always want to be sure our guitars are protected, so we have been using the Hercules Guitar Hanger for years because they secure the guitar in place with ease. The front levers automatically open and close with the weight of the guitar so there's no effort involved when taking the guitar out, or putting it back in.

Just be sure to take into account the location in relation to direct sunlight or humidity. Prolonged exposure to the sun or high heat can warp and crack a good guitar and, while the ideal humidity for a guitar is around 50%, prolonged exposure in damp areas (like a basement for example) will cause the wood to swell. In general, most rooms of the house should be fine so long as there's not constant, mid-day sun blaring on it.

In any case, keeping tools of creativity and expression like a guitar in plain sight and within reach is always a great element to include in any home.


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