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There's always something new to discover.

Over the years I have been fortunate to work with some of America's best known retailers. With each, it has always been exciting for me to see my name on products on shelves in places I would never have dreamed of.  This past year I have had the opportunity to work with one retailer in particular that at every turn has pleasantly surprised me with what they can do.

Wendy Bellissimo Burlington Product-01.j

Growing up in Connecticut, I knew Burlington (Coat Factory) as the place to go and get a puffy jacket. Today I know them as a place you can go to get decor for home that is of a style and quality that is beyond impressive.


As an interior designer working for clients, I have never been about trying to find things that are expensive, it's always been about finding things that look amazing, make sense in the home and whenever possible, be an excellent value. Not only does everything at Burlington that has my name on it fit into this mindset perfectly, but it also extends to designs for baby, pets, holiday decorations and more.

One thing about it is that the assortment is ALWAYS changing. So, what you might discover there today may not be there tomorrow. The better part is that tomorrow I know there will be something else that is just as exciting, so whenever you have the time, I would highly recommend dropping into your local Burlington!

Wendy Bellissimo Burlington Product-41.j
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